Hello & Welcome

First of all, welcome! I’m humbled that you’re on the doorstep of my little blogging playground.

My name is Hillary and I’ve been downsizing and simplifying my life for about a decade. I think I’m finally starting to get the hang of it.

Maybe your journey is not so different from mine. Maybe you gave up nearly everything and started from scratch. Maybe you, like me, have done this over and over again.

From hippie communes to houseboats, each time my wild notions have led me to more tiny abodes, alternative lifestyles, and the dream of living with even less.

I can’t quite say why small spaces inspire me so much but I can say that the tiny house bug has caught on in America these days.

This blog started 5 years ago when I purchased a 13′ travel trailer off Craigslist. Now… at times I am a nomadic traveler, a simple living enthusiast, and a debt-free small homeowner soaking up a quiet afternoon with my sweetiepie.

In 2012 we backpacked 500+ miles across Spain in 5 weeks and felt truly alive doing it.

My primary goal is very, very simple: to walk my talk. And in the process, maybe it will help other people lead healthier lives.

Thank you for stopping by & keep in touch… you can get new blog posts delivered by email or RSS. You can also connect with me by way of Twitter and Facebook. More questions? Email me.

(Image caption: Hillary & Michael at Burning Man 2010)