About This Tiny House

The art and science of slowing down…

Hi it’s me, Hillary, and I started this blog in 2008 when I bought a tiny camper/trailer. Back then I wrote about what would become my new creative outlet: imagining and re-imagining the kind of simple lifestyle I wanted to see in the world. Now it’s a movement.


About Hillary & Michael

The two of us live in a house that’s around 500 square feet (46 m2) and, by US standards, that’s tiny. After years of reducing our possessions, traveling and backpacking, we’ve moved our attention inward: self care, self compassion, happiness, fulfillment.


Contact Us

You can email thistinyhouse@gmail.com. That’s the best way. Elsewhere, @thistinyhouse on Twitter. If you try to communicate via FB it probably won’t reach us because we don’t spend time there. If you’d like to send us something in the mail, email and we’ll send you our post box address.


Site Stuff

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