Information vs. knowledge vs. wisdom


shipMaria Popova makes a list of 7 lessons learned from 7 years of writing. I won’t re-post the whole thing here but it’s worth a read because it’s as much about living well than it is about having a successful blog.

She also writes that we need storytellers to help us navigate today’s sea of knowledge. “More and more information without the proper context and interpretation,” she says, “only muddles our understanding of the world rather than enriching it.”

Information is having a library of books on shipbuilding. Knowledge applies that to building a ship… Once you’ve built your ship, wisdom is what allows you to sail it without sinking.

A great storyteller is the kindly captain who… brings us somewhat closer to the answer, to our particular answer, to that grand question: Why are we here?

From Wisdom in the Age of Information on YouTube.

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