Small House Communities Are Here!


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For under $200,000 you could be a part of a new homeowner movement. Communities of small houses are popping up as new developments in progressive neighborhoods.

Spinet Street Cottages in the lovely town of Asheville, North Carolina was dreamed up and created by Ron & Laurie Czecholinski. Each house (700-1000 square feet) and lot has an option for building a smaller studio apartment (200-500 square feet) for rental opportunity or creative space.

If you are a tiny-house enthusiast in North Carolina I highly recommend you hook up with this project. They will be giving a presentation at Firestorm Cafe in Asheville this Sunday, Dec 5th at 4pm.

The Cottage Company in Seattle, Washington

Wild Coast Cottages is another small house development project on the west coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. They have 3 available homes for sale and 12 homes are due to be move-in ready just after the new year.

One may think it absurd to pay more to own an appropriately-sized home when you could buy a bigger home outside of town for much cheaper. But these small footprint villages are appealing to me and, I think, the many who would prefer quality over quantity. Now, what can we do about those darned minimum size standards

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