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Elegant, simple, and most certainly green. This project still has a few kinks to work out — like how to keep from getting busted for parking on the sidewalk — but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Built by 24-year old Dai Haifei, an architecture graduate who couldn’t afford rent in Beijing.

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For two months he lived on the street next to his workplace in his solar-powered “egg house.” It has a bed, a nightstand, a small sink, and an electric blanket to keep warm.

“I feel good living here though it’s simple, and a bit cold sometimes, what important for me, is – it saves me a lot of money!” Dai told a reporter. He said that his parents were old, and they would have to work for two or three hundred more years in order to afford a house in Beijing. Without paying rent, he can sometimes go for a coffee and enjoy the “petty bourgeoisie life.” (via)

Dai documented the building project quite well on his flickr page but I will share a few more photos here. The frame is bamboo with sacks of grass seed attached to the outside. The water tank held about 3 days worth of water, and he would refill from his workplace.

In total he spent about three months building it with $964. He was “evicted” in mid-December and is reportedly living with friends.

Photo credit: Beijing Times

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