10 Guiding Principles for Living Tiny

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The Small Living Journal published my article entitled 10 Guiding Principles for Living Tiny in Issue #15, where you can find tons of great writing about occupying a smaller space, both physically and psychologically. I try not to get caught up in “tricks” to trick my mind into thinking that life is simpler, if it really is just a band-aid covering up the underlying problem. My aim is to truly simplify — especially in preparation for my big bon voyage in T minus 12 months — and live light enough to travel.

Much appreciation to all of my new readers and supporters who’ve been sending me super-nice emails. If you’re a newbie here: yes, I am planning for full-time, open-ended travel. I hope you’ll continue to join me as I describe my journey and share my inspirations along the way.

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Erin 02/06/2010 at 1:53 pm

I love, love, love this post. We are still in the midst of our downsizing journey…and it took my husband working 12,000 miles away for him to realize he felt burdened by our home (ah, the epiphany!). I’m forwarding your article to both him (while he’s in the Middle East and assessing all things life) and to my soon-to-be-graduating college son (while he’s in the dorms and contemplating all things life). Thanks so much for sharing your guiding principles.

thistinyhouse 03/15/2010 at 8:32 am

Glad you enjoyed it Erin… Please pass along Ms. Zittel’s lovely words… Best of luck in your downsizing adventure!

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