Window film as cheap DIY window covering


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Privacy comes to mind when considering life on the road in a 50 square foot tiny trailer. I’ve been pondering the use of window film as cheap, DIY window covering to create a semi-private and a total-private solution, switching between the two depending on various situations.

I’ve been perusing a bunch of great design sites for window covering ideas. You can buy this pricey paper at Scandinavian Design, Gila, Brume, Trove, and Emma Jeffs. Or — if you’re like me and not into spending something like $13 per square foot — you could experiment with Ikea’s non-adhesive Amorf Frost film at about $5 per roll.

Here’s an even cheaper option: white-on-white cotton prints soaked in spray starch. This design solution (below) cost about $3. It’s definitely going on my list for the next thrift store run.

photo credit: all buttoned up

photo credit: all buttoned up

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