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This is so great — I just got word from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company that they are selling the XS-House plan for $99. This is the cheapest Tumbleweed house you can build, and (now) the cheapest set of plans they offer.


Officially the dry weight of this house is 4000 lbs, which means that many standard trucks and SUVs could tow it to it’s destination, and at 12’9″ it is well within the road height on the west coast, maybe even on the east coast too. And if you live in a progressive city like Portland, you just may be able to plop it down someplace convenient and legal. How cool is that?


This 65-square-foot house is perfect for one full-time simplicity-loving resident, and counting the sleeping loft above it is about 130 square feet. It was designed to include all the necessities including a wet bathroom/shower, a small fireplace, a sink, small refrigerator, hot plate for cooking, a couch, desk, and built-in storage. And of course, the loft bed.

deeDee Williams hand built and currently lives in a slightly modified Tumbleweed house (using reclaimed materials & solar electricity) and has received plenty of press attention in this micro-housing boom.

If you are considering purchasing plans, designing your own plans, and eventually building a tiny Tumbleweed-style house, I definitely recommend attending a Tumbleweed workshop.

Photo credit: John Friedman (top)
Photo credit: Mark Harrison/The Seattle Times (bottom)

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Aundreax Millican 07/17/2010 at 4:08 pm

Hello Jay!
I admire your talent your awesome! I saw you online on the yahoo home page today Saturday July 17, 2010.
Look forward to attending one of your workshops.
We reside in Sacramento,Ca so hopefully you’ll either come here in California someday real soon or we will have to come to the nearest state to attend your workshop.
Thanks a bunch for your time,

David 07/17/2010 at 8:56 pm

Hi, I’ve been following this idea for a while. It’s brilliant. I missed you in Austin, and would have made the trip from Houston to attend this, it would give my wife and I the excuse for a camping trip up there anyway. Will you be coming back to Texas again? You should come to Houston! I’m keen on the idea, but put off by the building process, although I am a bit of a handy man, from a family of builders. I’d need to be convinced though I could handle the building work by myself. I have thought of putting such a thing in my mother-in-law’s back garden. I figure so long as it is on wheels and on private property the Houston Council will treat it like a trailer and won’t start annoying us for taxes etc., and would give us a place to stay when we visit her. It sure beats a Cassita! 🙂

joe bonni 07/18/2010 at 11:17 pm

this is truly bad to the bone for sure………….. i think it will catch on very fast and now you might not be able to invite people over but now you can meet people somewhere and help boost the mom and pop busineses…………

Josh H 11/30/2010 at 2:54 am

Hey whats up! I discovered this great idea of tiny houses couple days ago on Yahoos website and I became very interested. I am 24 yrs old and dont have a lot of extra cash struggling finding a stable job. I want to get out of my parents house REAL bad but can not afford an apartment so I figured when I saw this I could manage to build one myself with some help with my friends. I just have a few questions that maybe someone can answer for me. First, I live in WI so do you think its practical for me to live in a TINY HOUSE full time? Second, would I have to pay taxes if i build it on a traiiler and camp out in my parents yard or a buddies yard? Third, how much will it cost to build a house by myself and whats a practical size in sq. feet? Fourth, How do you hook up the electricity and plumbing for running water? Last, would I be able to use some sort of eco friendly source to provide me with energy? I really love the loft idea in these houses and i would either want a porch or a deck on my house to. So please if anyone can help me with my questions and if anyone has any ideas for a man living in WI. thanks and hope the holidays are joyful and healthy.

Dillon 02/19/2012 at 7:57 pm

Hey Jay,

Ive been researching tiny houses for a long time and I really want to make the switch and downsize. I’m currently a college student and I want to invest the money for the dorm into a tiny house. I figure It would save me money in the long run. Is there any chance of having a workshop over the summer in Kansas city? I figure that’s the biggest city to my small town and therefore more likely to have more people attend. Anyways I look forward to begin building my own little adventure soon.

Thanks for the inspiration,


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