Tumbleweed’s $99 House Plan


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This is so great — I just got word from Tumbleweed Tiny House Company that they are selling the XS-House plan for $99. This is the cheapest Tumbleweed house you can build, and (now) the cheapest set of plans they offer.


Officially the dry weight of this house is 4000 lbs, which means that many standard trucks and SUVs could tow it to it’s destination, and at 12’9″ it is well within the road height on the west coast, maybe even on the east coast too. And if you live in a progressive city like Portland, you just may be able to plop it down someplace convenient and legal. How cool is that?


This 65-square-foot house is perfect for one full-time simplicity-loving resident, and counting the sleeping loft above it is about 130 square feet. It was designed to include all the necessities including a wet bathroom/shower, a small fireplace, a sink, small refrigerator, hot plate for cooking, a couch, desk, and built-in storage. And of course, the loft bed.

deeDee Williams hand built and currently lives in a slightly modified Tumbleweed house (using reclaimed materials & solar electricity) and has received plenty of press attention in this micro-housing boom.

If you are considering purchasing plans, designing your own plans, and eventually building a tiny Tumbleweed-style house, I definitely recommend attending a Tumbleweed workshop.

Photo credit: John Friedman (top)
Photo credit: Mark Harrison/The Seattle Times (bottom)

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