Joining a tiny house community



At the top of the page I have added a link to “Join the Village,” a new website I’ve launched to connect people who are interested in aesthetically pleasing, low-cost community housing with small houses and tiny houses-on-wheels.

Wow, it’s hard to believe something that was just an idea has turned into a tangible reality in less than one week. So far we have 12 core “Charter Members” in this Tiny House Village Network, a group composed of people throughout the country who want to manifest this shared vision.

From Kate, who lives in a New York apartment complex and would like to own a tiny house someday, to Nancy, who lives in a cohousing community in North Carolina and is seeking a lower-cost housing solution, to Logan, who has been actively transforming his life (with his partner) to live in a tiny house, and keeps coming up against the barrier of: where can you park it? According to Logan, Almost all of the areas we have looked at parking a tiny home explicitly forbid long term residence.”

If you identify with these folks, maybe it’s about time for you to join in the conversation as a Charter Member. I’ll be keeping my blog readers updated on our progress along the way. Thanks for all of your support and kind words.

(photo: Portland Garden Cottages of Upper Albina)

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