Mobile coffee shop trailers

A little known fact about Oregon is this: at most rest areas along I-5 you can get a free cup of coffee from a mobile coffee cart. One such coffee trailer — of the patriotic variety — was spotted just outside of Albany, OR. (source)

patriotic coffee trailer

There’s even a guidebook for those interested in experiencing the roadside delicacies along the interstate, Baristas Without Borders: A Road Guide to Coffee Kiosks on I-5 Oregon & Washington.

But mobile coffee shops are not just a common occurrence in the Pacific Northwest. If you start looking around, you’ll find them everywhere. (Even for sale on Craigslist.) Generally I find most food carts to be tame, lacking a certain spunk.

Here is a recent coffee shop trailer design by Daniel Milchtein. Aside from the hot dog bun roof, I think this design has great potential. Perhaps Airstream inspired?


Speaking of Airstreams, a mobile coffee shop dubbed “The Silver Bean” in Cortez, Colorado proves once again that there’s not much you have to do to an Airstream to make it cute.


(Uploaded to flickr by desertdiva)

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