Craigslist: House on wheels for sale



Derek built his own tiny house in 2007 as affordable, low-cost housing for he and his wife. They moved to a trailer park in Sonoma County, close to where he was going to school.

I happened to meet Derek at one of Jay Shafer’s tiny house workshops and was happy to get his perspective on building — having just finished his own very unique Tumbleweed-style abode. Jay himself called this house “innovative” and Michael and I were impressed with the amount of work it took to incorporate RV hookups, preparing the home for a true trailer park life.

The couple lived here for a year but due to the needs of an expanding young family, this portable tiny house has been put up for sale on Craigslist. It is definitely worth a look — from the description I can understand the huge amount of thought and resourcefulness that went into creating this home. He is asking $34,000 $29,500 and their RV park rental is $550.

Take a tour inside.

(Thanks Lynne!)

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