A tiny earthbag house


Earthbag construction is one of the newest types of sustainable building techniques. I’m so inspired by this little earthbag dome that I just might have to build one someday.

This igloo-like tiny house was designed and built in New South Wales, Australia by Rob & Steph and a steady stream of eager learners. It is 13 ft. in diameter and utilizes passive solar design and a living roof.

They used 700 cubic feet of fill sand and about 700 total man hours (not including finishing work such as plaster, windows, doors and flooring). Total cost was $2,500.

Here’s the view looking up at the loft.

Photos from permaforesttrust.org.au and this article from earthbagbuilding.com.  More resources: calearth.org & okokok.org and the ecohouse map.

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