Leaving Northern California


We’re moving to San Diego! Again!

One month ago we started our tiny house adventure and realized how easy it was to travel + live in our little solar-powered trailer. The first-hand experience of actually living in the space gave us a lot of interior design ideas and a new wishlist for gadgets, both of which I will be writing about here.

But alas, our meandering journey in beautiful Northern California has ended, for now.

Michael got a job offer he couldn’t refuse (in this economic climate at least) and now we’re apartment hunting in San Diego.

Here’s my ideal apartment complex:

We seriously considered living in a trailer park, that is, until we actually looked at the trailer parks in San Diego. They run the gamut… from bad to worse. And they cost about as much as an apartment.

So, back to city living. Big furniture, flush toilets, utility bills, and neighbors who have 9-to-5 jobs. We are in search of the perfect rental that allows our little trailer to be parked in the backyard. I will refer to it as my “writing nook” as it sounds more refined than “the trailer we lived in last month” to the landlords and realtors I’m sure.

If you have any tips on living in the city with a travel trailer, please write in!

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